Our Human Experts Are 100% Prepared to Help You:

  • Decide on the type of business you’d like to create
  • Extract Your Million Dollar Ideas
  • Accelerate Your New Business’ Growth

6 Phone, Skype or Zoom Sessions to Jump-Start your Business

Why do YOU need to HIRE an EXPERT Business Consultant for Your New Business?

Because they have no idea how to understand all of the moving parts that go into having a successful online experience

There is a specific migraine headache associated with each of those moving parts, and
solo entrepreneurs just don’t want to deal with that headache

You don’t know what you don’t know. So, it’s better to hire someone who DOES know

The purpose and benefit of doing this in the very beginning is that you go into your business with the intention to launch, as opposed to failure to launch. I’ve seen hundreds of business do this: they’ll spend thousands of dollars at conferences, conventions and workshops, only to never launch their website, product or program.

Our Business Consulting Services Help to

Humanize the TechVolution™

We are the next wave in virtual solutions, because we have been there. Combined, my team has 20 years of experience in technology of all varieties. So, we have an extremely high comfort level with this type of conversation.

For people 40 and over, we know that there is a whole set of migraines that have to be eased when it comes to tech.

We’re here to ease that pain, and get your business started on the right foot.

Get 6 Sessions (Up to 2 Hours Each) for $700.00 WOW! This is 12 hours of Consulting on the Platform of your Choice for less than $100 an Hour! What is the Value of Knowing How to Do This from the Beginning?

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