Taking The Confusion Out of Web Hosting

Taking The Confusion Out of Web Hosting

So, you want to build your first website?

Great! Now, you’re going to need hosting. (And I don’t mean the Steve Harvey kind…)

You’re probably asking yourself this one big, fat question…

What the heck is hosting?

Here’s the simple answer:

Web hosting is basically space on a giant, shared server managed by a hosting company. This is where all of your website files will “live” so to speak. You pay the hosting company a small fee, and they allow you to store your website on their servers. 

Phew, got the technical words out of the way.

Now, let’s talk a bit more about how it works for you.

When you sign up with a hosting company, like GoDaddy for example, they allow you to install applications like WordPress to create your own website, from the ground up, however you like.

This very website you’re reading right now is a WordPress website hosted by GoDaddy.

What about domain names?

Domain name = URL. Your domain name is literally your name on the web. 

Here are some examples of domain name types:



As an entrepreneur, you may want to go with your name. If you’re a local business or any business with a name, for that matter, you’ll want to go with your business name.

Buying hosting is the first step in any web design project.

So now you know what a domain name and hosting is, it’s pretty clear that you need it to start building your website. The best hosting companies also have the best support, so after signing up, if you need any help, they’re quick to offer assistance. I personally recommend GoDaddy for all of your hosting and domain name needs. In my opinion, they’re the easiest to understand, they have very competitive deals, and they have very reliable support.

“What is the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org?”

“What is the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org?”

“What is the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org?” This question gets asked a lot.
Hi there, it’s Joshua Mancil, web designer here at the Quantum Consulting Team. And I’m here today to give you the simple answer:


WordPress.com allows you to have a website and blog, hosted directly by WordPress. You have the option of a free version that uses a subdomain, like yourname.wordpress.com, and access to basic features. Paid versions provide access to additional features, like the ability to connect your website with your own domain name. You have different options for customizing your website, like a variety of themes. What you can’t do, however, is upload your own theme.


WordPress.org is a self-hosted platform. What this means, is you buy your own domain name and hosting, and use the WordPress software on your own. This way provides the most flexibility. For example, you can upload a theme you purchased from Elegant Themes or another them company, like Envato. You can install plugins that boost the functionality of your site, like the Bloom optin plugin to create popup optin forms, and automatically add an opt-in below your blog posts.


So, when it boils down to it, it’s about whether it’s more important to you to have more options and flexibility to work within your website, or you want an inexpensive, simple solution.
E1: S1: Cheryl Jacobs on Quantum Conversation Podcast

E1: S1: Cheryl Jacobs on Quantum Conversation Podcast

Quantum Conversations Podcast

Episode 1, Season 1 features the Dynamic Cheryl Jacobs. Cheryl is currently authoring her first book and is ready to tell her story. She is the owner of Kid’s Party Charecters, a New York Based company focusing on entertaining children 7 and under in a party environment. Her team of actors and entertainers are deployed to the scene when there is a party need. Her company is now servicing Ohio and the NY/NJ area.




Dealing with Past Trauma to Clarify your Deepest Core Value Personality Brand

Dealing with Past Trauma to Clarify your Deepest Core Value Personality Brand

Lessons in Life are Very Important to Business Success

I am the oldest of three sisters. My youngest sister was killed last year after a lifetime of pain and sorrow. I watched my mother suffer so greatly asking her, begging her to come back as her cold body lay on the table at the mortuary, in state for a week because her husband had fled the scene of the accident and was the next of kin. I looked at my sister’s hair, so shiny and beautiful as she lay there and could not speak, her body covered completely in a sheet so we could not see the bruising from the wreck. The medics told us she died on impact and didn’t suffer, but my heart says that any soul that goes into the other side before their full life expression, does hurt.

Your personality business brand is a reflection of who you are and if you do not work out the inner problems, fears and beliefs, your business will fail with a quickness; and it will impact your emotions. 

Life is a short dance and every moment we get must be spent creating the next dance move. When we skip a step, and the music stops, we have to recreate the music in our own minds. When creating your Quantum Results Personality Brand you must first do the inner work. I have created a branding package that also includes powerful intentions and life coaching so that you FEEL your brand. Today I had a fall out with my niece, who had my mother’s phone. I live in Tennessee and left Alabama to come here so I could find myself and disattach myself from some of the things that go on in that area.

See, the pain of family wounds is still very real inside of me. I made different choices and because I made different choices, my life turned out different. But inside, I feel left out, like maybe if I had made the bad choices, I would be more accepted. However, I know better. Years of working on myself and healing the memory of being raped, leaving a marriage and being widowed all within a week, have taught me that the negative emotions we feel are all based in FEAR and the FEAR drives the train until we can heal it.

When you are about to go into business for yourself you need a good team with you to help you navigate the flood waters of life. Your personality brand can shine through when you are clear. Now, I am in now way, shape, form or fashion, clear at this point in my journey but I am sure that I have a powerful purpose in this world.



Superstars Changing the World on a Quantum Scale on Quantum Conversations Podcast

Superstars Changing the World on a Quantum Scale on Quantum Conversations Podcast

Author Win Kelly Charles is a World Class Podcast Expert

Author and Teacher with a Big Vision and a Bigger Heart.

Quantum Conversations with Carla Wynn Hall will be starting up on Sunday, May 21st. This podcast will feature voices of amazing women and men who are setting new flames all over the world with their message and vision. Quantum Conversations mean those conversations that are rarely had among groups of people. Our mission is to raise awareness of people who are helping heal the world. Breaking walls, making new rules and helping others rise, our guests are VIP all the way.

Win Kelly Charles is the Author of I, Win, The View from my Heels, The View from my Makeup Collection and is currently authoring the Mosaic of CP. She has also written for a book about the life of Robin Williams. Win’s outlook in life is that disable and abled bodied individuals need to bridge the gap and focus on creating a better world for all people. Her work with little children and the disabled communitity has been recognized globally.

Born with Cerebral Palsy, Win was the smallest baby born in her community in her birth year. Win will be part of our Podcast this year and we are so excited to have her. Here is the link to her books. Go order them all.

Click Here to Visit Win’s Amazon Author Central Page


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Blog Post Title

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