Author Win Kelly Charles is a World Class Podcast Expert

Author and Teacher with a Big Vision and a Bigger Heart.

Quantum Conversations with Carla Wynn Hall will be starting up on Sunday, May 21st. This podcast will feature voices of amazing women and men who are setting new flames all over the world with their message and vision. Quantum Conversations mean those conversations that are rarely had among groups of people. Our mission is to raise awareness of people who are helping heal the world. Breaking walls, making new rules and helping others rise, our guests are VIP all the way.

Win Kelly Charles is the Author of I, Win, The View from my Heels, The View from my Makeup Collection and is currently authoring the Mosaic of CP. She has also written for a book about the life of Robin Williams. Win’s outlook in life is that disable and abled bodied individuals need to bridge the gap and focus on creating a better world for all people. Her work with little children and the disabled communitity has been recognized globally.

Born with Cerebral Palsy, Win was the smallest baby born in her community in her birth year. Win will be part of our Podcast this year and we are so excited to have her. Here is the link to her books. Go order them all.

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