So, you want to build your first website?

Great! Now, you’re going to need hosting. (And I don’t mean the Steve Harvey kind…)

You’re probably asking yourself this one big, fat question…

What the heck is hosting?

Here’s the simple answer:

Web hosting is basically space on a giant, shared server managed by a hosting company. This is where all of your website files will “live” so to speak. You pay the hosting company a small fee, and they allow you to store your website on their servers. 

Phew, got the technical words out of the way.

Now, let’s talk a bit more about how it works for you.

When you sign up with a hosting company, like GoDaddy for example, they allow you to install applications like WordPress to create your own website, from the ground up, however you like.

This very website you’re reading right now is a WordPress website hosted by GoDaddy.

What about domain names?

Domain name = URL. Your domain name is literally your name on the web. 

Here are some examples of domain name types:

As an entrepreneur, you may want to go with your name. If you’re a local business or any business with a name, for that matter, you’ll want to go with your business name.

Buying hosting is the first step in any web design project.

So now you know what a domain name and hosting is, it’s pretty clear that you need it to start building your website. The best hosting companies also have the best support, so after signing up, if you need any help, they’re quick to offer assistance. I personally recommend GoDaddy for all of your hosting and domain name needs. In my opinion, they’re the easiest to understand, they have very competitive deals, and they have very reliable support.

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